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Electrical Supplies for Every Project

Imagine that you just moved into the house of your dreams, but it has a couple of electrical problems. Maybe the light switch in the bathroom shocks you a little when you turn off the light, or you blow a fuse anytime you use more than one appliance in the kitchen. With the moving costs and your new mortgage, you may not be able to afford any expensive electrical work, but fixing it yourself is always an option.

We know that plumbing and electrical work are two of the more difficult types of repair that you can undertake. However, with the electrical supplies and pointers that we offer at Sheffield Hardware, you are now able to fix the problem yourself for a fraction of the price that a professional would charge.

Products to Light-Up Your Home

In Sheffield, Alabama, we carry name-brand products that are sure to spark your interest. Eaton's Cooper Power™ has a series of outlet covers, electrical boxes, and plates that combine beauty and functionality. Our electrical products include, but are not limited to:

Ceiling Fans | Lights | Light Bulbs | Kitchen Cords | Surge Protectors | Power Strips | Wires | Switches | Switch Covers | Security Lights

Connecting Wires